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The Metropolitan Water District of Southern California
Skinner Treatment Plant

The Robert A. Skinner Treatment Plant and adjoining lake are located south of Hemet in Riverside County. The plant supplies treated water to residents of three Metropolitan Water District member agencies: the Eastern and Western Municipal Water districts in Riverside County and the San Diego County Water Authority.


The plant treats water from the Colorado River Aqueduct and the State Water Project, which receives water from Northern California and has a capacity of 350 million gallons a day. That's enough to fill the Rose Bowl every two hours. The facility was the third of Metropolitan's treatment plants to convert to ozone treatment, with the project finished in 2010.


It is the only Metropolitan treatment facility to feature both the conventional and direct filtration process. The conventional treatment method includes large sedimentation basins that allow particles to settle to the bottom. The direct filtration process does not utilize sedimentation basins.


Lake Skinner is a popular recreation spot for sailing and fishing. There is also an off-reservoir swimming area, hiking trails, horseback riding and a large amphitheater. In addition, the 6,000-acre Lake Skinner Park has dozens of camp and RV sites, snack bar, Laundromat and camp store. The park is operated by the Riverside County Regional Park & Open Space District.


The plant is named for Robert A. Skinner, Metropolitan's general manager from 1962 to 1967.


Robert A. Skinner
Treatment Plant

33740 Borel Road
Winchester, CA 92596

(951) 926-1501