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The Metropolitan Water District of Southern California

Metropolitan Water District procures goods, non-professional services, and professional services in accordance with Metropolitan's Administrative Code and applicable government statutes and regulations.

The  information below will answer questions on topics like Metropolitan's standard  insurance requirement, submitting proposals, and protest  procedures.

Insurance Requirements

Each NIB, RFB, RFP or RFQ will provide specific insurance details for the respective contract. However, the Contractor is required to maintain insurance adequate to protect it from claims under Worker's Compensation Acts and from claims for damages for personal injury, including death and damage to property, which may arise from operations under the contract. If specified or requested, the Contractor must file certificates of such insurance with Metropolitan. Failure to furnish such evidence may be considered default by the Contractor. Additional liability insurance may be required if the contract work is to be performed on Metropolitan property.

NIB, RFB, RFP, RFQ Submittals

It is important that potential vendors and contractors register through Metropolitan's e-procurement system.  Automatic e-mail notifications of RFPs/RFQs are provided to everyone that is registered with the relevant service codes.

RFP and RFQ documents will include:

  • Notice of whether a pre-proposal conference will be conducted prior to submission of proposals to explain the work and submittal requirements. Attendance at a pre-proposal conference may be designated as mandatory in order to submit a proposal or statement of qualifications.
  • Evaluation factors by which submittals will be reviewed and scored.
  • Due date and time. In accordance with Metropolitan procedure, submittals received after the set time and due date will be rejected.
  • Other submittal stipulations in accordance with Metropolitan's procurement policies.

Once an RFP/RFQ is submitted, discussions may be conducted by Metropolitan with responsible offerors to ensure full understanding of the solicitation requirements. 

Offerors are accorded fair and equal treatment with respect to any opportunity for discussion and revision of responsive and responsible submittals. Such post-submittal revisions may be permitted prior to award for the purpose of obtaining best and final proposals or statements of qualifications.

In conducting discussions, there shall be no disclosure of any information derived from proposals or statements of qualifications submitted by competing offerors. 

If, after discussion with offerors, a request for best and final submittals is issued, the request will set forth the date, time, and place for the submission of best and final submittals. Best and final submittals are requested only once, unless there is a written determination that it is advantageous to Metropolitan to conduct further discussions. If offerors do not submit a notice of withdrawal or a best and final submittal, their immediate previous submittal is construed as their best and final submittal. Other factors will not be considered. 

Contracts are awarded to the responsive and responsible offeror whose submittal is determined to be the most advantageous to Metropolitan in accordance with Metropolitan's evaluation procedures. At its sole discretion, Metropolitan may reject any or all proposals or statements of qualifications if it is in the public interest. 

Protest Procedures

Protest Procedures (Construction Contracts)

Pursuance to Administrative Code Section 8150(a), the protest procedures apply to bid protest of competitively solicited public works construction contracts which include RFPS, RFQs, and solicitations for construction services and special design equipment procurements. Under directive of the General Manager, these procedures are administered by the Construction Contracts Manager of the Engineering Services Group.

Protest Procedures (Procurement/Purchasing and Professional Services)

Pursuance to Administrative Code Section 8150(b), the protest procedures apply to the procurement of competitively solicited goods, materials, and services. Under directive of the General Manager, these procedures are administered by the Contracting Services Manager of the Administrative Services Section.

Key Contacts

Doing Business Contacts:

Business Outreach Program
John Arena, Manager
(213) 217-5519

Water Innovation & Tech.
Wigs Mendoza, Manager
(213) 217-7631

Professional Services
Olivia Freeman, Manager
(213) 217-7218

Construction Contracts
John Vrsalovich, Manager
(213) 217-6066

Purchasing Services

John Poli, Manager
(213) 217-7574

Secondary Land Use
Real Estate Services
(213) 217-7750

Requests for Statement of Interest
Real Property Group RFSI
(213) 217-7750