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The Metropolitan Water District of Southern California
About the MWD Seal

The Metropolitan Water District seal was officially adopted in 1933 after several other designs were considered in the years immediately following the district's creation in 1928.

Elements include the California bear, the California poppy, water flowing from a large tunnel, Colorado River Aqueduct construction workers flanked by desert plants, a gear signifying the wheels of industry, and links of a chain representing Metropolitan's founding cities.

The seal is frequently used on Metropolitan publications, materials and correspondence and is considered the district's official logo. Small changes were to the seal over the years, mainly to add more color or enhance a highlight.

When visitors step into the Rotunda on the lobby floor of Metropolitan's union Station headquarters, the seal is one of the first things they see. The seal has been revised over the years to reflect the growth and changes of the District, and the lobby seal reflects some of these changes. A second river was added on the right side of the seal to symbolize the addition of the State Water Project to the district's supply sources.

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