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The Metropolitan Water District of Southern California
Metropolitan was born out of the realization that Southern Californians had to unite to solve their water problems. This same ethic that led to the creation of Metropolitan by the California Legislature in 1928 is still alive today. The mission has evolved over time. At first, the goal was to secure a supply from the Colorado River for the fast-growing region, a proposal that was approved by voters in Los Angeles and Orange counties in 1931. Approximately a generation later, with even greater growth on the horizon, Metropolitan was instrumental in securing a supply from Northern California with the statewide voters approving the construction of the State Water Project in 1960. Today, Metropolitan is advancing local supply development  and conservation while investing in its traditional imported supplies. Water planning requires adapting to ever-changing circumstances as well as an understanding of history. To capture this history, Metropolitan publishes annual reports that contain the highlights of politics, trends, policy and resource decisions.