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The Metropolitan Water District of Southern California
Ethics Officer
Ethics Officer
Abel Salinas

​The Ethics Office operates under a set of authorities and directives adopted by Metropolitan’s board of directors and in accordance with state legislative mandate (SB 60/MWD Act section 126.7).  The office helps to establish internal disclosure, lobbying, conflicts of interest, contracts, campaign contributions and other internal ethics rules and policies. The office also provides education and advice about these rules and investigates alleged violations. By law, the office must operate as an independent entity, protect the confidentiality of sources and the job security of  “whistle-blowers”, and provide for the due process rights of the accused.


The office is responsible for ensuring that its directors and other designated officials complete state-mandated ethics training and make timely disclosures of potentially conflicting financial interests.  Metropolitan’s Ethics Office reports directly to the Board of Directors, with oversight from the Audit and Ethics Committee.

​Every director and district official should: (1) know the scope and contents of Metropolitan's ethics rules, and (2) understand the independent authorities and duties of the Ethics Office in investigating alleged rules violations.  
Metropolitan Ethics Rules and Policies

Metropolitan’s Conflict of Interest Code

State law requires Metropolitan to adopt, and periodically update, a conflict of interest code. The current code went into effect on August 25, 2017, and is located within the Administrative Code. A conflict of interest code sets forth 1) which employees and officials must publicly report personal financial interests, and 2) what types of interests they must report. The Ethics Office administers and maintains copies of these public reports called Statements of Economic Interests (Form 700). It also provides related advice to employees and officials.  ​

Requesting Advice

Directors, employees, contractors and members of the public who have concerns about an individual or organizational process or who suspect instances of non-compliance with Metropolitan's ethics rules or regulations that relate to ethics are encouraged to express them to the Ethics Office. To the extent feasible and appropriate, the office will protect the identity and confidentiality of sources and will independently investigate allegations of retaliation for reporting an alleged violation.

There are two primary methods of expressing concern, registering a complaint or asking a question:

  • Convercent: (800) 461-9330
    Convercent is an independent helpline that accepts anonymous calls to express ethics concerns about Metropolitan directors, staff, and contractors to a trained, independent interviewer.

  • Directly to the Ethics Officer or a member of the Ethics Office staff.

Reporting Violations

Investigation Process The office will conduct any necessary investigations with impartiality, independence, and fairness to all concerned parties.  The office investigates complaints in accordance with its Investigation Guidelines.

Policy for the Distribution of Tickets by Metropolitan for Sporting and Entertainment Events adopted by the Board of Directors on August 16, 2016.



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