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Financial Information

The Office of the Chief Financial Officer is responsible for providing strategic, innovative and proactive financial guidance to support the financial policies of Metropolitan's Board, management and staff. 


The Finance Department:

  • - manages Metropolitan's financial resources in an efficient manner;
  • - works to achieve low, stable water rates and charges by maintaining Metropolitan's strong financial position; and
  • - ensures that adequate financial controls are in place to accurately communicate financial results and protect Metropolitan's assets.

 Metropolitan's principal revenue source is water sales, which includes all revenues received by Metropolitan from charges for the sale and availability of water, including Metropolitan's water rates, readiness-to-serve charges, a capacity charge and wheeling/exchange transactions.

Major financial activities and accomplishments can be found in the most recent Annual Report.

Proposed Biennial Budget, Rates and Charges

Proposed AV Tax Rate
Current Biennial Budget – Fiscal years 2014/15 and 2015/16

Charting a Steady Financial Future.

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FY 2014-15 and FY 2015-16 Budget and CY 2015-2016 Rates and Charges

Metropolitan sets its water rates every other year to recover the cost of providing water service to its customers in an open and transparent public process, concurrent with the biennial budget review process. The current pricing system which itemizes various costs associated with water delivery was established in 2003. The following table summarizes rate components for treated and untreated water:

Water Rate Table

Effective January 1st   2012     2013 2014 20152016
Tier 1 Supply Rate ($/AF)   $106 $140 $148​$158$156
Delta Supply Surcharge ($/AF)   $58     *     * ​*​*
Tier 2 Supply Rate ($/AF)   $290 $290 $290 ​$290 ​$290
System Access Rate ($/AF)   $217 $223 $243​$257​$259
Water Stewardship Rate ($/AF)   $43 $41  $41​$41​$41
System Power Rate ($/AF)   $136 $189 $161​$126​$138
Full Service Untreated Volumetric Cost ($/AF) Tier 1 $560 $593 $593​$582​$594
Tier 2 $686 $743 $735​$714​$728
Replenishment Water Rate: untreated ($/AF)   $442 ** **​**​**
Interim Agricultural Water Program: untreated ($/AF)   $537  ** **​***​***
Treatment Surcharge ($/AF)   $234 $254 $297​$341​$348
Full Service Treated Volumetric Cost ($/AF) Tier 1 $794 $847 $890​$923​$942
Tier 2 $920 $997 $1,032​$1,055​$1,076
Treated Replenishment Water Rate ($/AF)   $651 ** **​**​**
Treated Interim Agricultural Water Program ($/AF)   $765 *** ***​***​***
Readiness-to-Serve Charge 
(millions of dollars)  

  $146 $142 $166​$158​$153
Capacity Charge($/cfs)   $7,400 $6,400 $8,600$11,100​$10,900

 * The Delta Supply Surcharge was suspended after 2012
** The Replenishment program was discontinued after 2012
*** The Interim Agricultural Water Program was discontinued after 2012

Tier 1 Supply Rate - recovers the cost of maintaining a reliable amount of supply.

Delta Supply Surcharge - reflects the additional supply costs that Metropolitan faces along with other costs due to the pumping restrictions on the State Water Project.

Tier 2 Supply Rate - set at Metropolitan's cost of developing additional supply to encourage efficient use of local resources.

System Access Rate – recovers a portion of the costs associated with the delivery of supplies.

System Power Rate – recovers Metropolitan's power costs for pumping supplies to Southern California.

Water Stewardship Rate – recovers the cost of Metropolitan's financial commitment to conservation, water recycling, groundwater clean-up and other local resource management programs.

Replenishment Water Rate – a discounted rate for surplus system supplies available for the purpose of replenishing local storage.

Treated Replenishment Water Rate – a discounted rate for surplus system supplies available for the purpose of replenishing local storage.

Interim Agricultural Water Rate – discounted rate for surplus system supplies available for the purpose of growing agricultural, horticultural, or floricultural products.

Treated Interim Agricultural Water Program Rate – discounted rate for surplus system supplies available for the purpose of growing agricultural, horticultural, or floricultural products.

Treatment Surcharge – recovers the costs of treating imported water.

Readiness-to-Serve Charge - a fixed charge that recovers the cost of the portion of system capacity that is on standby to provide emergency service and operational flexibility.

Capacity Charge – the capacity charge recovers the cost of providing peak capacity within the distribution system.​

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Water Revenue Bonds

2015 Authorization, Series A
December 9, 2015
(3.92Mb PDF)*

  • Final Official Statement
    Waterworks General Obligation Refunding Bond

    2014 Series A
    December 2, 2014
    (3.25Mb PDF)*   

    Credit Rating Agency Reports  

Peer survey: Revenue Structure of Various Wholesale Water Agencies         

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Financial Archives

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Rates Policy Library Documents

  • Board Letter (Dec 1952) – Adopted MWD role as regional provider, and opinion against overlapping and parallel facilities (Laguna Declaration)
  • Resolution 5821 (Sep 1960) – Determines that at least 50% of capital plus O&M should be collected via sales revenues; credits annexation revenues to bond obligations; sets water rate formula
  • Board Letter (Dec 1969) – Synopsis of the Water Pricing Policy Study by Brown & Caldwell and R.
  • Board Letter (Apr 1970 ) – Summary of Water Pricing Policy Study by Brown & Caldwell and R. Skinner
  • Board Letter (Jan 1991) - Provides information regarding the water/tax compromise embodied in section 124.5 of the MWD Act
  • Board Letter (Feb 1991) – Discusses the proportionate use formula and prospective tax revenues, and amends Adm. Code with minimum property tax revenues at the 1990-91 levels
  • Board Letter (Jan 1992) - Addition of new district policies to the Administrative Code, Mission Statement, and water transfer policy
  • Board Letter (July 1992) – Information letter to the Board regarding the Revenue Design Study by Black & Veatch
  • Board Letter (Oct 1992) - Describes 1993-94 cost and revenue alternatives and presents required cost reductions and rate increases
  • Board Letter (Dec 1992) - Presents an action plan to consider the recommendations contained in the revenue design study prepared by Black & Veatch
  • Board Letter (Nov 1992 ) - Discusses determination of firm revenue source, and presents three alternatives of imposing a water standby charge on parcels within Metropolitan's service area
  • Board Letter (Mar 1993) – Develops water rate structure objectives
  • Board Letter (June 1993) - Provides information about the status of current law regarding connection fees and capacity charges and related charges
  • Board Letter (Dec 1993) - Presents the recommended new rate structure and new revenue sources from New Demand Charge, RTS, Treated Water Peaking Charge, and Connection Maintenance Charge
  • Board Letter (Feb 1994) – Discusses the exclusion of long-term storage from the RTS charge
  • Board Report (Sep 1994) - Nexus study in support of Metropolitan's New Demand Charges; establishes the connection between the new demand charge and the costs for new facilities to serve new demands
  • Board Letter (July 1996) - Rate Refinement Process summary; recommends approval of the rate action, suspension of New Demand Charge, completion of phase 2 and 3 of the rate refinement process
  • Strategic Plan Policy Principles (Dec 1999) – Developed and adopted by the Board to guide staff and the member agencies in developing a revised rate structure.
  • Board Letter (Oct 2001) – Adopts rate structure proposal and implements new rates and charges for 2003
  • Board Report (June 2002) – Detailed FY2002-03 Cost of Service report and FAQ regarding the new rate structure
  • Board Letter (Apr 2009) – Adopts rates and charges for 2009/10
Rate Structure Topics Wheeling Policy Library  
Financial Archives
Click here to to search for past reports. In the subject line, for example, search for “swap monthly,” “treasurer’s monthly” or "executive financial."
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