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The Metropolitan Water District of Southern California


The Apprenticeship Program periodically establishes hiring eligibility lists for apprentice positions.  The lists remain in effect for approximately two years.  Recruitments to establish the lists are announced on this site 45 days prior to accepting applications.


Metropolitan is not accepting applications for the Apprenticeship Program at this time.  To view our current open positions, please visit the Employment Opportunities links below.


Employment opportunities open to all applicants


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The Metropolitan Water District's four-year Apprenticeship Program allows individuals to be involved in exciting and meaningful work as they play their part in delivering clean water to Southern California.


This program offers hands-on training and classroom instruction during paid working hours as participants work to become a journey-level Mechanic or Electrician.


Metropolitan is currently seeking qualified candidates for a number of positions at the district.


First-time job seekers must create an account to utilize our employment opportunity system. Click on the Employment opportunities link below to view any of our open positions.


Employment opportunities open to all applicants


The program is approved by and participants are registered with the State of California. Upon successful completion of the required on-the-job-training (OJT) hours and instruction the apprentice will receive a completion certificate from the State. The coursework is also part of the approved curriculum for Santiago Canyon College. Students will receive credit for courses taken during their apprenticeship that can be used towards obtaining a certificate or Associate degree.

Program information:

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Entry Level (Pre-Apprentice) Training

The Pre-apprentice Level helps prepare new workers to enter into a four-year apprenticeship program in the Maintenance Electrician or Maintenance Mechanic programs. Candidates must successfully complete a trial period, including the required instruction, to be eligible for advancement into either of the four-year apprenticeship programs.

In order to be considered you must:

  • Be 18 years of age and possess a high school diploma or a G.E.D.
  • Pass a qualifying exam, physical abilities assessment and interview
  • Serve a probationary or trial period of approximately six months leading to full-time apprenticeship (hours served will not be applied toward program completion)

The pre-apprentice assists in trade and non-trade functions in general maintenance and general labor duties. Duties include, but are not limited to: assisting in operations and maintenance tasks associated with pumping plants, treatment plants, and the distribution system; learning and using basic tools and techniques as required to perform operations and maintenance tasks at various facilities; and operating a motor vehicle, pickup truck, forklift, or other light equipment as required.

Apprenticeship Training

The program is comprised of eight periods. Each period consists of a minimum of 910 hours of instruction and OJT. The OJT is obtained directly in the field with a journey-level worker.

Each period (910 straight-time hours) lasts approximately six-months. An apprentice is eligible for advancement (pay increase) at the end of each period providing he or she maintains a passing grade of 70% or better on their exams and a "meets standards" performance rating on their OJT.

There are approximately 2-hours of home study for each hour of classroom time that will occur on the apprentice's own time outside of working hours.

OJT will occur at various locations throughout Metropolitan's service area. Classroom training is held at the Apprenticeship Training Center at Diamond Valley Lake near Hemet, CA.

What apprentice mechanics do: install, maintain and repair mechanical equipment and piping systems related to water treatment plants, pumping plants and distribution systems. This equipment includes pumps, valves, mechanical drives, water filtration systems and chemical feed systems.

What apprentice electricians do: install, maintain, troubleshoot and repair industrial electrical equipment and systems. This equipment includes pumps, motors, motor controls, transformers, circuit breakers, electrically operated valves, switchgear, variable and constant speed drives; programmable logic controllers, emergency generator systems, power systems and lighting systems.

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