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The Metropolitan Water District of Southern California
Green Business

Saving Paper/Reducing Emissions

Metropolitan has launched many green business practices. The Paperwise program has reduced paper consumption by more than 300 tons since its inception in 2008, as well as several hundred tons of carbon emissions. In keeping with the program, Metropolitan board members now sort through hundreds of pages of documents electronically, using touch-screen computers.



Recycling is another company-wide program and includes E-waste, cardboard, plastic, glass, aluminum, toner cartridges and batteries. Metropolitan recycles tons of material each year.


Water-wise Landscaping

Metropolitan has also installed California Friendly landscaping at Union Station headquarters and other facilities, with 6,500 square feet of turf replaced at the entry court to the Weymouth Water Treatment Plant in La Verne. Check out​ for more information and water-wise landscaping ideas.


Commuter Savings

The Rideshare program, in which more than 40% of Metropolitan employees participate, reduces highway vehicles by nearly 700 on work days; resulting in an annual reduction of 2,850 metric tons of carbon emissions. Company car travel is also reduced by videoconferencing which allows staff meetings to take place without travel between distant facilities. When it is necessary to drive, it's often in hybrids, which account for more than one-third of the Metropolitan sedan fleet.


​​Employee Education

Metropolitan's annual Spring Green Expo highlights sustainable practices, green products and college student projects with a focus on protection of the earth's resources. Employees also enjoy access to Our Legacy, a monthly e-newsletter providing tips for working and living green.​

Green Business