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Media Services produces print and online materials that support Metropolitan’s external and internal communication and messaging needs. Our newsletters include “Your Water,” which covers topics such as water quality and supply issues, member agency news and other key water developments, and People Interactive, a multi-media online magazine focused on employee news and profiles.

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Be Water Wise...Outside/Inside
Tips on saving water outside and inside
Hiram W. Wadsworth Pumping/Hydro-generating Facility
An overview of this facility located on the west end of Diamond Valley Lake
Diamond Valley Lake
 An overview of Southern California's largest drinking water storage reservoir
The District at a Glance
Metropolitan facts and statistics

The Metropolitan Water District of Southern California - An Overview

An overview​ of Metropolitan

MWD Outreach Accomplishments 2015

An at-a-glance of Metropolitan's outreach accomplishments in media, conservation, education, legislation, and publications for 2015.

Charting a Steady Financial Future

Metropolitan’s Budget At A Glance.

MWD Multi-Species and Ecological Reserves
More on the Southwestern Riverside County Multi-Species Reserve and the Santa Rosa Plateau Ecological Reserve
Member Agencies
A listing of Metropolitan's Member Agencies
Major Water Conveyance Facilities in California
A map of the major water conveyance facilities in the state 
Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta
A map showing the Delta area
Water Quality
Annual Drinking Water Quality Report

2015 Annual Drinking Water Quality Report​ - Covering the Reporting Period of January-December 2014

Annual Drinking Water Quality Report (Spanish)

2015 Annual Drinking Water Quality Report - Covering the Reporting Period of January-December 2014​

 Information about the fluoridation of drinking water
Ozonation at a glance
Water Quality Laboratory
Metropolitan's water quality laboratory at a glance 
Water Reliability
Delta Wetlands: Executed Purchase and Sale Agreement

​Purchase and sale agreement between Metropolitan and Delta Wetlands Properties.

Delta Wetlands: An Investment in Security
Metropolitan approves purchase agreement of four islands and tracts in the central Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta and part of a fifth island in the far western Delta.
Delta Restoration
 State-Federal proposal for Delta restoration and water supply improvements
2015 IRP Overview

The 2015 IRP Update builds upon the strong foundation or diversification and adaptation developed in previous IRPS.​

Water Tomorrow

More information on the roadmap for securing the Southland's water supply reliability over the next 25 years

Taking Action to Secure Southern California's Water Supply

​The importance of the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta

Inland Feeder Project
Inland Feeder Project at a glance
Water Supply
Palo Verde Land Management, Crop Rotation and Water Supply Program at a Glance
More information on ensuring a reliable water supply
California Friendly Material
5 Things To Know About California’s Drought
Limit5000 Annually

Rack card with water saving tips.
Water Alert Gauge Rack Card
Limit5000 Annually

Drought rack card alerting public to keep the needle in the blue. Indoor/Outdoor conservation tips provided on other side.

Water Saving Tip Rack Card (also available in Spanish)
Limit5000 Annually

Top ten water saving tips for indoor and outdoor use.

Water Wise Living (also available in Spanish)
Limit5000 Annually
Valuable water-saving tips for your home and garden.
Choosing a Smart Sprinkler Controller For Your Home
Limit5000 Annually

Information on weather-based irrigation controllers.

Choosing a High-Efficiency and Water-Wise Clothes Washer For Your Home
Limit5000 Annually

Information about the benefits of high-efficiency clothes washers over traditional front-loading washers.

Choosing Rotating Sprinkler Nozzles For Your Landscape
Limit5000 Annually

Information on precision rotating sprinkler nozzles.

California Friendly® Seed Packets
Limit1000 Annually

These packets contain poppy seeds.

Educational Materials
Journey Down the Colorado River Aqueduct
Limit250 Annually

Student booklet explains our water delivery system and includes the treatment process.  A crossword puzzle and easy-to-read map reinforces the concepts for students.  Upper elementary and middle school students.

Geography of Water
Limit10 sets Annually

Includes a series of six California maps on specific geographic and water-related concepts.  Curriculum includes a teacher's guide for each map, reproducible student maps and lessons. Grades 4-8.

Guzzler Gang Student Comic Book
Limit250 Annually

This comic book introduces characters who are known for “guzzling" water.  Grades K-2.  Set of 35.

Guzzler Gang Teacher Activity Booklet
Limit10 Annually

A supplement for teachers about water conservation.  Grades K-2

Member Agency Map
Limit500 Annually

Fold-out color map of MWD's service area with member agency boundaries.

California Conveyance Map
Limit500 Annually

A map of Metropolitan's aqueduct systems.

Hotel/Motel Placards
Towel Bar Hangers
Limit5000 Annually

Guest information on reusing towels - 4"x 9" color print.

Linen Cards – Tent Folded
Limit5000 Annually

Guest information on linen change requests – 8"x 5" color print.

Linen Cards – Flat
Limit5000 Annually

​​6"x 3" color print.

Restaurant Placards
Restaurant Table Cards – Flat
Limit5000 Annually

For restaurants who prefer a more subtle display.  Card measures 4" square.

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February 01, 2013

​A snapshot of Metropolitan Water District of Southern California in 4:35 minutes.